Wednesday, December 19, 2012

make: wood bead garland

i'm in love with all of the colorful felt ball garlands available this holiday season (if you haven't seen them, you must have gotten stuck under a rock).  here are some of my favorites: 
1_Crate&Barrel Felt Ball Garland
2_Horchow Arcadia Home "Artisan" Felt Ball Garland
3_Land of Nod Goody Gumball Garland (Hanukkah)
4_FeltFoxes Felt Ball Garland Rainbow Party

while they are generally affordable, i'm most definitely on felt overload. after making the scalloped felt trees and completing a ruffly felt wreath care of designsponge, i decided i wanted something a bit heavier and, with so many colorful ornaments on the tree already, with a largely neutral color palette.

i scoured the web for the best selection of round wood beads and found Woodworks, Ltd.. i ordered a bulk bag of 1" diameter natural wood beads, painted about half of them in either metallic gold or raspberry red paint, and strung them onto a cream 1/2" wide grosgrain ribbon. i'm so excited with the result and think they look great on the tree. and perhaps the best part, especially for a change-craver like me - i can unstring and re-paint the beads different colors in a few years when i want something new!

happy making!

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