Friday, December 14, 2012

make: hanukkah tree

i was raised catholic but my husband was raised jewish, and while his family always had a christmas tree growing up, i still wanted to come up with our own traditions to merge our religious rituals for the holiday season.  modernica has come up with a fabulous superstar holiday tree made of birch plywood panels featuring connected cutouts of stars of david.

unfortunately, we have neither the space or the $229 to spare, so i decided to craft a two-dimensional tree with this beauty in mind.  one thing we do not have a shortage of in our house is glass area - the number of windows in this house is actually a little ridiculous.  i chose a pair in the dining room for the installation and got to work.  i first printed an outline of a star of david from the internet (thank you google image search) and traced it onto a thick piece of chip board to create a sturdy template.  i then headed to my basement to try and locate the remainder of a large roll of white shelf contact paper left over from when we moved in.  the rest of the project was a simple trace and cut endeavor until i had enough stars to form a tree, complete with a star topper.  the contact paper will peel nicely off the window after the holiday season has ended and i have made my husband one happy guy!

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