Thursday, April 10, 2014

the center hall colonial

Many of the homes in the areas we've been house hunting are center hall Colonials.  These are homes that have a center hall in a usually symmetrical floor plan that contains the main stair and a foyer.  The rooms that flank the center hall are most typically a living room and a dining room.  When given the choice between a Tudor and a Colonial, we seem to be most attracted to the Colonial.  All things aside though, this wouldn't be my first style choice.  I really do love a good bungalow or even a nice modern, but with zero moderns and few bungalows large enough to fit the bill, I've started gathering some inspiration for what we might do with a center hall Colonial.

I'm completely taken with some of the renovations I've found and seriously excited to get started on the next house, when we find one of course!


I love the eclectic mix of furnishings in these rooms - a little bit of modern in spaces with lots of traditional details.  They all feel comfortable but polished; put together but not stuffy.  Perhaps that is my biggest fear when looking at this style of home, that I won't be able to create the casual spaces that  match our family's lifestyle in rooms with such formal detail.  These images reassure me that it is, in fact, possible to do just that.

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