Tuesday, March 11, 2014

bathroom progress

When I returned from Cincinnati, two weeks ago now (Where does the time go?), I was so excited to see the progress that had been made in the bathroom.  Ted had been sending me photos but there's nothing like seeing things in person.  Though I use my floor plans to check (and double check) clearances and measurements, it's always fun to see how the space actually feels when partitions go up.  You get a sense of the space that is impossible to get from a drawing.

The contractors had completed most of the rough plumbing, installed the new subfloor and even some of the cement board (the underlayment for the tile).  Ella's new closet had been framed and the new supply duct to the bathroom had been reconfigured.  It seemed a lot of progress was being made until everything sort of came to a halt with the installation of the new tub.  After it was removed from the box the day after I returned, we discovered that a corner of the front apron, or skirt, was cracked.  It had to be repackaged and returned to the store and a replacement tub couldn't be delivered until March 7th!  So we had to scrap that tub model (and unfortunately drop a bit more cash) to get one with similar specifications that the plumbing supplier had in stock, or at least that could be trucked from their warehouse next day.

But seeing all of the tile in person and in the same room helped to steer my attention away from the tub calamity.  So I went to work laying some of it out to see how everything would look together.  We ultimately decided to go with a marble mosaic floor tile as opposed to the ceramic mosaic I showed in the lookbook.  The marble floor is polished, but the white 4" x 16" wall tile has a matte finish.  The 1/2" x 6" black liner accent band has a gloss finish which ties the floor sheen and wall tile installation together nicely.  My biggest concern was that the modern proportions of the white wall tile wouldn't work with the classic style of the floor mosaic.  Frankly, I'm still a little unsure about it all but I like the idea of the mix so I'm not going to change directions now because at some point, you just have to call it.

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