Tuesday, November 26, 2013

make: star of david ornaments

We celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas in our house.  And as Ella gets older, my commitment to making both special for her and meaningful for all of us becomes greater.  Hanukkah begins this year on the evening of November 27th.  Luckily we will be traveling to my in-laws for Thanksgiving and will be able to celebrate the first few nights with them.  But when we return to our home, I'll have the menorah ready and these simple star of David ornaments hanging from our holiday branches.

I used wood craft sticks, craft paint, and small black rubber hair bands to make these simple ornaments. Here's how I did it:

1_ Begin by painting your craft sticks, if desired, and let dry.  I chose to paint some and leave others natural.

2_ After your sticks have dried, begin by laying the ends of two sticks over one another.  Pick up and wrap a rubber band around the sticks' ends several times until tight.  Add one additional stick to the unconnected ends of one of the first two sticks and, again, wrap a rubber band around the two sticks' ends several times until tight.  You will now have an open triangle.

3_ Before closing the triangle with another rubber band, feed three rubber bands onto one of the sticks. These are important to place onto the triangle before closing it as these will hold the second overlapping triangle onto the first.

4_ Close the triangle by wrapping a rubber band around the ends of the two sticks left unattached.  You will then have one triangle completed.

5_ Repeat step 2 for the next triangle.  You do not need to feed any additional rubber bands onto this second triangle so go ahead and skip to step 4.

6_ Place your two triangles on top of one another, in opposing directions, and working one point at a time, wrap one of the rubber bands from one side of the first triangle up, and around a point of the second until tight.  The two triangles will still be shifting on top of one another until all points of the second triangle are secured to a side of the first triangle.  Once all points have been secured, the star should be quite sturdy.

And if Hanukkah isn't a part of your holiday celebration, than you can make a simple star!

Happy (holiday) making!

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