Tuesday, April 2, 2013

planning a gallery wall

I love a great gallery wall of photos and artwork, but I don't do well without some sort of plan for hanging what always seems to be a diverse collection of frames with varying compositions, colors, and dimensions (I wish I were that talented).  There are a lot of handy tools on Pinterest these days for starting a gallery wall from scratch, without any frames or existing artwork, but I tend to collect these things over time and have amassed quite a stash of pieces I love.  And, while I don't mind an ordered, symmetrical layout where everything matches (I do naturally like an order to things), my personal preference is a bit more laid back.  Much like the gallery walls in these spaces:

1_source / 2_source / 3_source / 4_source / 5_source

The gallery wall in our master bedroom was my first planned composition using a very similar method as I described in my post on figuring out floor plans.  I first measured the wall width and height, and then each of the frames I intended to hang.  I then drew a scaled elevation of the wall where the items would hang, including the dresser that the composition would hang above.  I then cut out scaled squares and rectangles corresponding to the measurements of all those frames and began arranging.  I started out with a few pieces I didn't end up including because the wall was starting to feel too crowded.  I picked my favorite piece, the SIBLING shop's Damn Fine Day print, and decided to arrange everything else around it.

I've started working on another gallery wall for a nursery I'm putting together and can't wait to show you photos in the coming month.

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