Friday, March 29, 2013

to touch the sky

There is a song I sing with Ella when we swing and it goes a little something like this (I know you're really sad you can't hear me singing this right now):

Swinging, swinging up so high
I just want to touch the sky
Touch the sky
Oh, so high
La la la la la la la

Last summer we spent a lot of time on the bench swing on our front porch, but now that Ella is a little older I'd love to swap out that old bench for a couple of these swings!

1_IKEA PS SVINGA Hanging Seat let's face it, this is the only swing I'll be getting from these fine, yet expensive, other options
3_Paola Lenti Adagio Chair designed by Francesco Rota
4_Unica Home Egg Chair by Nanna Ditzel for Pierantonio Bonacina

There's nothing like a little swing break to liven up your day (and make you feel like a kid again)!

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