Wednesday, March 20, 2013

color my world {coral}

I'm dying to start a post with "HELLO SPRING!", but it just doesn't seem to be coming (yet).  So in lieu of spring outside, I'll create a little spring inside.  And what says "spring" better than coral!  I've been lunging and butt kicking past this color in the store windows of the mall for a few weeks now and after grabbing a pair of these sandals on sale at Target this week, I just had to see what else I could find.

1_Marimekko Musta Virta Red 20" Pillow, Crate and Barrel   A little girly and a lot stylish, this would be perfect to add to my daughter's room.

2_Beaded Colorblocked Long Necklace in Coral and Pink (The Ankaa), Son of a Sailor, Etsy I don't typically wear a lot of jewelry but this simple necklace is right up my alley - neutral with a great pop of color.

3_Ballerina with Metal Toe Cap, Zara I love a colorful flat (probably because I tend to wear a lot of very basic colors), and these are on the top of my list for spring.

4_Austin Tote, Fossil  I think I have a tote obsession, but it comes with the baby territory (I practically carry a back-up nursery in my bag now), and this tote would add some cheer to any dreaded diaper change.

5_Coral Ombre Bangle, Banana Republic  I can't wait for the weather to warm up because short sleeves mean bare wrists, and bare wrists need accessorizing!

6_Geometric LOVE Print, 7 Wonders Design, Etsy  You see a lot of these Robert Indiana inspired Love prints and usually I'm not a fan, but this guy I like.  I am a sucker for geometry.

7_Hay & Hee Welling's About A Chair, A+R Wouldn't this be fantastic in a kid's room?!  If only my daughter was old enough to need a desk chair.  I'm sure this chair could encourage lots of homework doing.

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