Monday, February 25, 2013

this weekend: birthday bash and boats!

I took Ella to her last swim lesson on Saturday morning, and surprise, she got to ride (or sit, mostly) in a boat! Yes, there was a boat in the pool at our local Y. I was quite surprised. All of the usually boisterous toddlers in her class were, all of a sudden, subdued when placed into the boat. We, parents, sang an overly excited rendition of "Row, Row, Row your Boat," to a boat full of very serious faces.

And Saturday evening we attended a birthday bash for one of Ella's best friends, Tate. We spent our time after swim class making a birthday card for him. I printed out a birthday message on the front of the card, and Ella had a great time decorating the card and signing her name inside.


  1. Wow, more pics of your kiddo art station please! :) Ikea? Also, which things did you make/buy for the baby shower decorations?

    1. great idea for a post Elise! I will do an art station post with more pics, but most everything in it is from ikea!

      and i made the garland (machine-stitched paper circles), oh baby cake topper (same paper as garland cut into little flags with kraft sticker letters, strung onto thread and connected to two bamboo skewers). i'll go back and update post with how-to's!


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