Friday, February 1, 2013

found: pot & box

i've posted a few "found" posts in the past and i quite like the motivation they give me to find new things and explore the world around me. plus, who doesn't love a good find! so i've deemed every friday {found friday} and can't wait to share with you my latest finds.

today i stopped in at a local favorite, pot & box, to check out their floral shop and event space. ive been, ahem, stalking them, if you will, online for months now but had yet to drop in. and what better reason than for their terrarium bar!

i have been coveting a terrarium for, oh, forever. finding the container is easy but who wants to buy a gigantic bag of gravel or potting soil and use just a few scoops? this was the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful addition to my dining room table in just fifteen minutes without having a huge mess to clean up at home. the young lady in the store was fantastically helpful and showed me exactly how much of everything to add and gave me instructions on how to care for it (which is quite important as i seem to have only black thumbs - is that a thing?).

i would highly recommend a visit, even if its just for the bird pants. yes, i said "bird pants."

1 comment:

  1. love love pot & box. I have my wonderful terrarium from fact Lisa made it for me bc I was chit-chatting away at tiny expo. We have a minature couple kissing in ours. I replaced some of our plantings for a Venus Flytrap.


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